Wed. May 25th, 2022

The MPMG (Public Ministry of Minas Gerais) gave the City Hall of Capitólio, 290 km from Belo Horizonte, five days to clarify whether the municipality was monitoring possible risks in the area of ​​the Furnas lake canyons.

The letter is part of the inquiry that investigates possible responsibility of the municipal executive in the tragedy that ended with ten deaths in the city last Saturday (8), when a block of rock fell on speedboats.

In the document, the agency asks the city to answer three questions. Are they:

1) Whether the municipality had information about the existing risk for tourists, both in the canyon region and elsewhere, in relation to rockfalls/slides or sudden floods/headwaters;

2) Whether there is mapping and identification of areas considered at risk, especially in relation to landslides/landslides and sudden floods, and an emergency plan in a disaster situation;

3) If there is any plan to avoid events like the one that occurred on 1/8/2022 and, if so, what measures the municipality intends to adopt.

One day after the accident, the mayor of Capitólio, Cristiano Silva (PP), said he considers it “unfair” that the municipality is charged for possible failures in the monitoring and inspection of the canyons in the region.

“To charge responsibility in relation to the fall of a stone wall, as we never had this in Capitólio, I think it is even an injustice”, he said at a press conference. “My dad lives here, he’s 76 years old, he’s never seen a stone shutdown like this,” he added.

In another investigation to try to identify what caused the fall of the rock formation of approximately 10 thousand tons, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais decided to send three experts to the city of Capitólio.

Among them is a specialist in geology, “to investigate the causes of the displacement of part of the canyon”. A criminal expert from the Federal Police, also a specialist in the area, will monitor the work.

The group is expected to go from Belo Horizonte to the tourist city this Thursday (13).

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