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“The increase in Carcinoid Syndrome Market size is a direct consequence of an increase in R&D activity, increasing prevalent population, expected commercial success of upcoming therapies in the 7MM”

The potential drugs recently launched in the Carcinoid Syndrome Market or expected to get launched in the market during the study period 2019-2032

Carcinoid Syndrome Market Research Report is a comprehensive analysis of the study of Healthcare industry. DelveInsight included in this report emerging drugs, market drivers, market barriers, unmet medical needs, market share, and market size from 2019 to 2032 which is segmented by seven major markets.

Key takeaways from the Carcinoid Syndrome Market Research Report

  • According to DelveInsight, the Carcinoid Syndrome Market in 7MM is expected to witness a major change in the study period 2019-2032
  • NETs represent the second most common prevalent gastrointestinal cancers with a prevalence of 171,321 and an annual incidence rate of 6.98 per 100,000 as per the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program of the National Cancer Institute.
  • The frequency of CS in the US Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database (2000–2011) was reported to be 19% in patients >65 years, with an increasing incidence over the years mirroring the general increase in frequency of Neuroendocrine neoplasms (NENs).
  • As per NHS, About 4,000 people are diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor each year in the UK, but not everyone with a tumor will have carcinoid syndrome.
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Market Companies included Aquestive Therapeutics, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, and many others
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Market Therapies included AQST-305-SF, Paltusotine, and Others

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Carcinoid Syndrome Overview

Carcinoid Syndrome refers to a combination of symptoms, physical manifestations, and abnormal laboratory findings. Carcinoid syndrome is seen in individuals who have an underlying carcinoid tumor that has spread to the liver. Carcinoid tumors are well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors with secretory properties, releasing serotonin, along with a number of other active peptides. These tumors can arise anywhere along the primitive gut and are therefore found in the bronchial tree (airways) and along the gastrointestinal tract. The tumor cells can also migrate (metastasize) to the liver.

Carcinoid Syndrome Epidemiology 

The epidemiology section covers insights into the historical and current Carcinoid Syndrome Market patient pool and forecasted trends for every seven major countries (7MM) from 2019 to 2032. It helps to recognize the causes of current and forecasted trends by exploring numerous studies and views of key opinion leaders. The epidemiology section also provides the diagnosed patient pool and their trends along with assumptions undertaken.

Carcinoid Syndrome Epidemiology Segmentation in the 7MM

  • Total Carcinoid Syndrome Incident Cases
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Symptom-specific Incident Cases
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Gender-specific Incident Cases
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Treatable Cases

Carcinoid Syndrome Treatment Market

Carcinoid Syndrome Treatment is based on controlling specific signs and symptoms due to hormones released by the tumor itself, as well as treating the neoplasm. Standard treatment is surgery to remove the entire tumor where possible and reduce (debulk) any metastases. In gastrointestinal tumors this will involve resection of the affected area. For bronchial (airway) lesions, procedures such as lobectomy, sleeve resection or pneumonectomy may be required depending on the location of the mass. Debulking of liver metastases can be done by surgical excision or by newer techniques such as cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation. Hepatic artery catheterization with injection of embolic inert particles alone or mixed with chemotherapy has been very effective in many patients with liver metastases. Octreotide (Sandostatin) injections are the mainstay for symptomatic management of carcinoid syndrome.

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“The Carcinoid Syndrome market size is anticipated to increase during the study period owing to the increasing incident population and rising awareness of the Carcinoid Syndrome Market in the 7MM”

Carcinoid Syndrome Market Size

The expected launch of emerging therapies and the research and development activities of pharmaceutical companies will also fuel the market growth during the forecast period. The market outlook section of the report helps to build a detailed comprehension of the historic, current, and forecasted Carcinoid Syndrome Market size by analyzing the impact of current and emerging therapies in the market. It also provides a detailed assessment of the market drivers & barriers, unmet needs, and emerging technologies.

The report gives a thorough detail of the Carcinoid Syndrome Market trend for each marketed drug and late-stage pipeline therapies by evaluating their impact based on the annual cost of therapy, inclusion and exclusion criteria, mechanism of action (MoA), competition with other therapies, brand value, their impact on the market and view of the key opinion leaders.

Carcinoid Syndrome Market Insight

Systemic therapy should be used to control humorally mediated symptoms when the cancer spreads elsewhere. Patients benefit from specific drugs that either suppress production of vasoactive amines or block the peripheral effects. These agents include alpha-adrenergic blocking drugs, cyproheptadine, and H2-receptor blockers. Little evidence suggests that chemotherapy, either traditional or by continuous infusion, helps improve patient survival rates. However, failure to respond to one chemotherapy combination does not necessarily mean another combination will also be ineffectual.

Carcinoid Syndrome Market Dynamics

The Carcinoid Syndrome market dynamics is anticipated to change in the coming years owing to the improvement in healthcare spending across the world. Key players, such as Aquestive Therapeutics, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals and others are involved in developing drugs for Carcinoid Syndrome. The launch of potential emerging therapies such as AQST-305-SF (Aquestive Therapeutics), and Paltusotine (Crinetics Pharmaceuticals) are expected to change the treatment landscape during the forecast period (2022–2032).

Carcinoid Syndrome Market Drivers

  • The advent of new concepts in pathophysiology and therapeutic interventions
  • Growing R&D
  • Advances in the molecular pathogenesis of NENs

Carcinoid Syndrome Market Barriers

  • Negative impact on quality of life
  • No sequence of different treatments

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Scope of the Carcinoid Syndrome Market Research Report

  • Coverage- 7MM
  • Study Period- 2019-2032
  • Forecast Period- 2022-2032
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Market Companies included Aquestive Therapeutics, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, and many others
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Market Therapies included AQST-305-SF, Paltusotine, and Others
  • Carcinoid Syndrome Market Access and Reimbursement

Table of Content

  1. Key Insights
  2. Carcinoid Syndrome Executive Summary
  3. Carcinoid Syndrome Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  4. Carcinoid Syndrome Market Overview at a Glance
  5. Carcinoid Syndrome Disease Background and Overview
  6. Patient Journey
  7. Epidemiology and Patient Population
  8. Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices
  9. Unmet Needs
  10. Key Endpoints of Carcinoid Syndrome Market Treatment
  11. Carcinoid Syndrome Marketed Products
  12. Carcinoid Syndrome Emerging Therapies
  13. Seven Major Market Analysis
  14. Attribute analysis
  15. 7MM: Carcinoid Syndrome Market Outlook
  16. Access and Reimbursement Overview
  17. KOL Views
  18. Carcinoid Syndrome Market Drivers
  19. Carcinoid Syndrome Market Barriers
  20. Appendix
  21. DelveInsight Capabilities
  22. Disclaimer
  23. About DelveInsight

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